An online and informal biweekly seminar to discuss Machine Learning for the Earth.

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Upcoming Meetings

All meetings are usually scheduled on Wednesdays at 13:00 CEST.

  • January 13, 2021
    - Speaker: Arnaud Pannatier
    - Title:
    Machine Learning for High-Altitude Wind Nowcasting Based on Aircraft Live Data

Past Meetings


The meetings are held on Zoom and last 60-90 minutes:

  • 30-40 minutes of presentation,

  • informal Q&A during and after the presentation.


Gionata Ghiggi (EPFL), Eniko Székely (SDSC), Michaël Defferrard (EPFL), Jussi Leinonen (EPFL), Raphaël de Fondeville (SDSC), and more to join hopefully!

Feedback and Suggestions

If you have feedback, suggestions, or want to propose a speaker, please email us at